Barebones 8-inch Cast Iron Skillet


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The process for forging Barebones cast iron contains no coincidence. With meticulous artistry and craftsmanship, each piece is pre-seasoned with natural, organic oils. And by leaving the surface ever so raw and rugged, the oils are better absorbed, providing a better cooking surface from the very first use. Unlike other cast iron, it isn’t necessary to wash or scrub Barebones cast iron before use – we don’t use any resins to cover imperfections. We deliver lasting cast iron pieces that are as naturally beautiful as they are durable.

After seasoning, our cast iron is packaged and shipped to its new home. Move it directly from package to stove, oven, or fire pit. Pre-seasoned and free of harmful chemicals, your cast iron is ready to use.


Those who cook with Barebones cast iron immediately notice a difference in texture from other cast iron products: it’s raw and rugged, yet primed to develop a smooth, glassy texture through time and cooking. We leave the surface just raw enough to allow for better effects in our pre-seasoning process and the cooking experience. Highly raw and grainy cast iron is typically treated with resin-based sealants to cover imperfections and weaker areas that may crack over time. Barebones cast iron is not.

  • Heat-dispersing, comfort-grip handle.
  • Dual pour spouts for left/right pouring.
  • Made in China.
  • Dimensions: 8.45″ x 15.55″ x 1.6″.
  • Weight: 6 lb.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 8.45 × 15.65 × 1.6 in